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Social Media Checklist

Follow Mary Kay on all Social Media Channel

Feel free to share any posts from the Company to your own social media channels.

Join the Mary Kay Closed FB Group for Consultants

This is a private group exclusively for U.S. consultants where the Company can share education, motivation and inspiration.
Because this group is only for consultants, the posts from the group cannot be shared to your social media channels or with
customers. When you request to join the group, be sure to include your full name and consultant ID. It may take up to 3-business
days to be approved.

These posts are for consultants, but they can be shared with your customers. Follow along to learn more about product benefits, live
updates from Mary Kay events and reposts from Mary Kay consultants, just like you!

Read the Social Media Guidelines



Your PERSONAL social media accounts should not include any derivative of “Mary Kay” in the title of your page.
• DO: Jane Smith; @janesmith; @janelovesmakeup
• DON’T: Jane Smith Mary Kay; @janesmithMK
Your BUSINESS social media accounts must follow the naming conventions outlined in section 2.
• DO: Jane Smith, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant; @jsmithMK; @janesmithMKIBC
• DON’T: Jane Smith, Your Mary Kay Consultant; @janelovesmarykay
Understand the difference between an INFORMATIONAL and a COMMERCIAL message.
• “I love this lipstick!” – Informational, can be posted on a personal or business account
• “Get this lipstick for only $18!” – Commercial, can ONLY be posted on a business account